Environmental Sensing for the Arctic

The UVArctic CoLab seeks to hire a research associate to collaborate with our interdisciplinary team on research, development, and in-situ testing and application of both exterior and interior environmental sensing systems in the Arctic. We seek a colleague who will contribute technical expertise, as well as their own research interests, to a dynamic team of leading researchers in Arctic science, engineering, art, and design. Whereas the research associate must have technical skills in environmental sensor development and application (e.g. design and fabrication, data logging & telemetry), the applied nature of the research is broad and experimental and seeks to identify the potentials of disciplinary intersections. 

Ultimately, the research associate could either support the research of one of the current PIs, conduct interdisciplinary research among the PIs, or bring a completely different field into our existing collaboration. The information collected in the environmental sensing effort will directly facilitate research for several lines of inquiry within the Arctic CoLab that are focused on understanding the complex interactions and transformations underway in the built and natural environment. 

We are currently focused on an installation at Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow), on the northern coast of Alaska. The research associate will be directly supervised and mentored by a subset of the Arctic CoLab faculty, will work in the context of the new Link Lab https://engineering.virginia.edu/linklab), a new facility for research on cyber-physical systems (e.g. smart buildings, resilient infrastructure) at the University of Virginia, and interact with the entire UVArctic CoLab team. 

Candidates must have a Ph.D. in a field closely related to the theme of the institute. For more information and to apply, go to https://jobs.virginia.edu and search for posting #0622804