This talk will discuss how behavioral science is being applied to address one of the world’s most pressing environmental problems, the survival of the Great Barrier Reef. Drawing largely from the learnings from Project Cane Changer (, this talk will provide you with insight into how the project team went about innovating the application of psychological science to create a population-level behavior change program. The talk will look at why an approach to behavioral science that moved beyond traditional behavioral economics (i.e., nudges) was needed to design and implement the behavior change program. A focus of this talk will be discussion on the potential utility of adapting behavioral science to multiple sustainability and conservation efforts globally.

About the Speaker

John is the founding Chief Executive Officer and Chief Behavioural Scientist of Behaviour Innovation. John is a behavioural scientist with over 10-years’ experience in the analysis, design, delivery and evaluation of behaviour change programs for large scale and complex problems. He is the Project Director of multiple projects, including Project Cane Changer, one of Australia’s largest agriculture behavioural change initiatives.

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