April 8th 2-3pm

How do we get to net-zero and will this solve climate change? 

Professor Andres Clarens from the School of Engineering will discuss commitments to achieving ‘net zero’ carbon emissions that states like Virginia and institutions like UVa are making to respond to the climate crisis. He will discuss what it will take to achieve these targets, the big unanswered questions, and the ways in which this transition will impact all of us.

Andres Clarens is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Virginia and the Director of the Virginia Environmentally Sustainable Technologies Laboratory. His research is focused broadly on anthropogenic carbon flows and the ways that CO2 is manipulated, reused, and sequestered in engineered systems. The results of his work are important for developing efficient strategies for mitigating the emissions that are driving climate change. The results from this work can be used to provide low carbon cements and more effective predictive tools for understanding tradeoffs between energy systems and water systems. 

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