Thinking Across Departments

The Environmental Resilience Institute hosts monthly Open House sessions for graduate students interested in discussing their research with other students from around Grounds working on environmental resilience related topics. Our Open House events are part of the student-led, ERI supported, Graduate Research Forum (GRF). The GRF is open to all grad students and invests in activities that advance novel frameworks, theories, models, and applications that are transformative and have societal impacts.  We hope you can attend this and other GRF events!

On October 30th from 12-1pm, Jeremy Sorgen and Savannah Gold hosted a virtual GRF Open House. Attendees discussed their research and look for connections to their own work.

Decision-making in Environmentally Resilient Systems

Jeremy Sorgen is a PhD Candidate in Religious Studies at the University of Virginia with research interests in environmental ethics and environmental justice. His dissertation travels to the coalfields of Pennsylvania to learn about justice-based environmental policy through a collaborative partnership between faith-based organizers and the U.S. EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice. His most recent work adds a public health dimension with COVID relief for LA County’s homeless population.

Savannah Gold is a fourth year at the University of Virginia majoring in Anthropology and double-minoring in Religious Studies and Environment/Sustainability. Through ERI’s grant and the collaboration with Jeremy Sorgen, she engaged the intersectionality of faith-based organizations with environmental thought and practice through partnership with the government. Her future intentions for study are related to community development with a heavy presence of environmental justice and practice.

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