Thinking Across Departments

The Environmental Resilience Institute hosts monthly Open House sessions for graduate students interested in discussing their research with other students from around Grounds working on environmental resilience related topics. Our Open House events are part of the student-led, ERI supported, Graduate Research Forum (GRF). The GRF is open to all grad students and invests in activities that advance novel frameworks, theories, models, and applications that are transformative and have societal impacts.  We hope you can attend this and other GRF events!

On November 11th from 1-2pm, Michaela Barnett and Natalie Lerma hosted a virtual GRF Open House. Attendees discussed their research and look for connections to their own work.

Is Green Always Good? Community Perceptions of Green Infrastructure

Michaela Barnett is a Ph.D. fellow in UVA’s Convergent Behavioral Science Initiative and an editor at the Behavioral Scientist. In addition to her doctoral work, she writes about sustainability and science for popular audiences–her work has appeared in Gizmodo’s Earther, MIT Sloan Management Review, Behavioral Scientist, Alluvian, and others. Michaela researches sustainable behaviors, environmental politics, and marginalization by examining waste and our relationship to it.

Natalie Lerma is a Civil Engineering Ph.D. student in the Department of Engineering Systems and Environment and is part of the Cyber-Physical Systems NRT Program. Natalie researches coastal urban flooding and storm water management.

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