Event Information

Climate Restoration Research Workshop is open to faculty, students, and staff interested in developing a research agenda around climate restoration. The concept of climate restoration refers to all strategies related to removing carbon from the environment. The workshop kicks off ERI’s Climate Restoration Initiative.

All fields of study are needed to ensure effective, feasible, and sustainable strategies are designed and adopted. Attendees will build on strengths at the university and intersections between fields of study will be explored. The workshop will help the university articulate a research agenda supportive of a actionable outcomes and of interest to community partners such as governments, business leaders, and public service organizations.  

The event will feature a panel of three invited speakers highlighting areas of expertise including: Economics and Governance, Technological Frontiers, and the Biophysical Dimensions of carbon pollution sequestration and storage. The panel will be followed by a series of flash-talks by UVA faculty. The remainder of the day will be spent developing impactful research themes, and eliciting input from attendees on prospective resource requirements, incentive alignment, funding opportunities, and additional faculty members currently unidentified.

The Climate Restoration Research Workshop represents a gathering of ongoing research and visioning for continued support for sustainability and resilience research at the university. We invite you to attend the event and stay connected as the initiative builds. 


Registration has closed for this event. Thank you for your interest in ERI’s work. We look forward to hosting you at a future event.