Please join researchers from the University of Virginia, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Clark University, and Florida Atlantic University to learn about and discuss potential impacts of sea-level rise, flooding, coastal erosion and the loss of natural habitats in and around Accomack and Northampton Counties.

Dr. Matt Kirwan and Dr. Patricia Wiberg will present a model describing marsh drowning, upland migration, and change in land use.   They will present results showing predicted changes in the area of marshes, low-lying forestland, and farmland through time under different sea-level rise rate scenarios.

Dr. Robert Johnston will present a portfolio model of salt marsh conservation. This model shows how the preservation of land for marsh migration can be diversified to maximize conservation benefits, while hedging risk associated with uncertain sea-level rise. Results will provide direct guidance on how land can be preserved on the Eastern Shore to maximize future marsh area and benefit given uncertain sea-level rise.

Drs. Colin Polsky and Robert Johnston will present results from focus groups held in Summer 2017 with residents from the Eastern Shore and other regions (Massachusetts, Georgia) about perceptions of coastal ecosystem services and benefits.

The presentations will be followed by a group discussion and planning session that will be recorded for this ongoing National Science Foundation research project.  Light breakfast and lunch to be provided.

We hope you can make it!