The ERI advances socio-environmental research through close collaborations between disciplines and public/private partners to connect research discoveries to action. The Institute creates a shared vision and a culture of cooperation and trust that leverages UVA’s collective strengths and forms sustained partnerships.

ERI programs support multi-disciplinary collaborative projects focused on targeted solicitations. Teams bring together multiple perspectives, from the sciences, engineering, design and the humanities, to policy, law, markets, and public health. Projects leverage the science revolution underway in new technologies, big data, and computer modeling. UVA’s strength in Environmental Humanities sheds important light on human connections to the environment that shape perceptions and behaviors.

ERI connects world-class scholars with change agents – citizens, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and industries. By bringing diverse teams together to co-develop research projects, we develop integrated strategies based on novel frameworks, methods, and technologies that will lead to a better future. Our work is based on three pillars...