The global response to the corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has resulted in far-reaching and profound changes to society that are impacting human well-being and environmental health in complex ways. The UVa Environmental Resilience Institute (ERI) is advancing time-sensitive research exploring the ways in which currently unfolding changes to human-environmental interactions inform longer term efforts to understand environmental sustainability and resilience. To that end, ERI is hosting webinars from the UVA community of researchers, launching an idea-management platform, and issuing Rapid Response grants.

We hope to generate dialogue with webinar participants around research projects that consider lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic that would help us understand, forecast, and manage disruptions to socio-environmental systems. Research projects that focus on understanding ways in which we move beyond the crisis are of particular interest within the Rapid Response granting process.

Discussing Covid-19 and the Environment

The first panel discussion of corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) will explore the far-reaching and profound changes to society that are impacting human well-being and environmental health in complex ways.

Session Recording Now Available

ERI's New Idea Development Platform

Zoom meetings can only get you so far as a research while social-distancing. That’s why ERI is launching This idea-development service enables diverse perspectives found in inter and trans-disciplinary research teams to thrive, enabling the whole community to collaborate, form teams, and weigh-in to create strong research projects. While useful to a range of users, we’ll start by focusing on Covid and the Environment.

What can we learn about mitigating global environmental change from the Corona Virus pandemic?

ERI Rapid Response Grant Opportunity

Rapid Response grants will be funded up to $15,000.  ERI will provide funds for specific and time-sensitive opportunities to help faculty, postdoctoral fellow, and students conduct studies that do not require being in the laboratory or travel.  Awardees will have access to the Institute’s communication and outreach efforts to translate research findings broadly to stakeholder groups. We will also work with PIs who desire to submit their RAPID proposals to NSF for additional resources. 

Eligibility and Selection Process All full-time, PI-eligible faculty can apply. Proposals can be submitted from single or multiple investigators.  Proposals will be reviewed by faculty selected from ERI’s Steering Committee with recommendations for funding made to the Institute Director approximately one week from the submission deadline. 

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrates alignment with the institute’s mission and has potential to advance resilience and/or sustainability research at UVA
  2. Likelihood that the proposed activity will lead to additional seed grant proposals and/or successful external funding;
This RFP process is now closed