The Environmental Resilience Institute solicits projects twice a year through its Collaborative Laboratory (CoLab) seed grant program.  CoLab projects to help faculty work across disciplines in new areas of inquiry. With the launch of these initiatives, the Institute continues to play a critical role in catalyzing, supporting, and integrating socio-environmental research across the university.

  • Coordinating Water Markets and Critical Infrastructure Management to Build Community Resilience to Changing Drought Extremes
  • Bay Migrations Project: Cultural Artifacts of Risk Mitigation
  • Jordan River Futures: Integrating Sciences and Humanities in the Study of a Sacred River

Research fostered by the institute enables decision-makers––from home-owners to city administrators to business owners––to make informed choices and consider a set of actionable policy options.  We are fundamentally advancing the way resilience and sustainability research gets done by using cutting-edge observation, modeling, and visualization tools to understand socio-environmental systems. UVA faculty across the university are finding novel insights using big data, technological innovation, and the integration of design and research thinking to help our partners see their interconnected world at multiple scales.