Environmental Sustainability and Resilience Practitioner Fellows Program


The Environmental Sustainability and Resilience Practitioner Fellows Program will support fellowships at the University for non-academic practitioners to be in residence and to participate in sustainability research, teaching, engagement, and other activities at the University. Sustainability fellows will enhance research and teaching related to sustainability, elevate the University’s stature in the field of environmental resilience and sustainability, and better link the results of our research to the world of practice. Sustainability fellows could have a wide range of backgrounds and engagement with the environment, and could include, but not be limited to, senior political/governmental leaders, renowned environmental activists, writers, journalists, public policy experts, leaders in environmental law, and community leaders. Fellowships are negotiable and may serve up to a year in residence.

 Activities of the fellows could include:

  • Facilitating or participating in new or ongoing research
  • Improving the engagement of the University and its researchers with communities, community groups, nonprofits, government agencies, policymakers, and others
  • Research and writing on a public policy proposal(s)
  • Participating in lecture series, symposia, conferences, and other public-facing events, both internal and external, that increase the impact of university research on public policy and enhance on grounds sustainability discussions and efforts
  • Engaging with students, including by teaching courses

Sustainability fellows must be nominated and sponsored by a full-time University faculty member, and fellowship applications will be reviewed by a faculty committee.  Fellows will be chosen based on their ability to enhance sustainability research, teaching, and other activities at the University.