About the Event

The Virginia Solar Summit was a one-day educational event held September 12th 2018. It was statewide gathering of solar policy interests, including local and state governmental officials, land use planners, solar industry representatives, utilities, and the non-profit community. The following video and handouts were recorded at the event. Insights shared during the event represent opportunities to enhance public policy at the local and state level.

Media Archive

Welcoming Remarks
Angela Navarro, Deputy Secretary of Commerce and Trade

Trends, Policy History, and Regional Outlook for Solar Power
Ken Jurman, DMME Renewables Program Manager

Jurman Presentation [pdf]

Applied Solar Technology: Perspectives from the field
Lisa Moerner, Dominion Energy

Moerner Presentation [pdf]

Anthony Smith, Secure Futures

Smith Presentation [pdf]

Damian Pitt, Urban and Regional Studies VCU)

Pitt Presentation [pdf]

Permit by Rule and Local Authority
Mary Beth Major, VDEQ Renewables Program Manager

Major Presentation [pdf]

Patrick Mauney, Rappahannock‐Rapidan Regional Commission

Mauney Presentation [pdf]

Land Use Considerations
Barbara Jacocks, Richmond Regional Planning District

Steve Kalland, NC Clean Energy Center 

Kalland Presentation [pdf]

Fiscal Considerations and Risk Management
David Murray, MDV‐SEIA

Joe Lerch, Virginia Association of County Organizations